Papers Submission Guidance

    Authors interested in participating in FUPS2018must create a personal profile before proceeding to additional steps, such as abstract submission. A link to create your profile is provided  by using the side bar menu on the left side of main page.

    Later on you may log-in to your profile and submit an abstract, a paper, add a co-author, or update your profile information, using the side bar menu.

    IMPORTANT: Complete registration in the conference will be done by using the personal profile log in system.

    IMPORTANT: The conference language is English.


    Authors Right

    As an Author publishing in FUPS2018 you will retain the following rights:
    1. The right to be identified as the Author of a paper whenever and wherever the paper is published.
    2. Patent rights, trademark rights, or rights to any process, product, or procedure described in a paper.
    3. The right to share for academic use (but not on a commercial or systematic basis) with colleagues print or electronic ‘preprints’ (i.e., versions of the paper created prior to peer review) of an unpublished Article.
    4. The right to receive a copy of the proceedings where your paper has been published if your registration in the conference has been completed.


    Steps to submitting abstract

    login>Papers Submission>fill the Title and the Topic>fill the authors Information>copy your abstract in abstract box>fill the Keywords & References box>receive a code. At last step You will receive a code indicating that the abstract submission process has been completed. also for making changes you must go to paper status section>Operations